Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love the new map thing

I can account for the visitors appearing on the map from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Singapore, La Junta (Colorado, USA) and even for that star that's floating in the ocean off the coast of Africa (that's a friend who's currently in Sri Lanka but Mr Map got a bit confused and put him on what could be Sao Tome e Principe).

But I've also had a visit from people in Grand Rapids, Harrisonburg and Odenton in the US (I had to google where these places are: Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland respectively), and someone in Macau, who I either don't know, or do know but don't know exactly where you live. Anyway... g'day guys!! Check back in a couple of weeks, I promise it will be more interesting!!


  1. 'twas me in Macau. Thought I'd help spread the word by leaving the address in the internet cafe address list.

    Stay hip and happenin' in the philippines,

    Paul Howell

  2. Cheers Paul! Wherever you go in the world (and this goes for all my intrepid friends), feel free to visit so it comes up on the map (and because you can't bear to be out of touch with my fascinating life for too long!) South America, Russia and Africa are looking a bit bare if you're looking for holiday ideas!!