Saturday, March 28, 2009

Annie Lennox - Cover Girl

I heard a while ago that Annie Lennox was covering a song by my favourite band Ash. I've been a big fan since about 1996 when I first heard their punk/pop/rock classic "Kung Fu". There have been many albums since then, including the fantastic "Free All Angels" which included the single "Shining Light" (incidentally, the first Ash song I ever heard played on commercial radio).

This is the song Annie Lennox chose to cover, and I just found it on youtube, and...I'm disappointed. Annie Lennox (for some reason I feel like I can only call her by her full name) is an incredible singer, and she looks amazing for however old she is now. But the song has been butchered. I don't know how I feel about the potential commercial success of an Ash song being so, well, commercial.

Annie Lennox's version can be found here

And this is the original (and the best, though the film clip isn't the greatest)

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