Friday, March 13, 2009

German engineering - lives up to the hype actually

My flight to Frankfurt this morning was quite uneventful. I couldn't understand why, in a relatively small plane (granted, it did have a business class section), that was not full by any stretch, I was given the window seat in the last row (about row 36). Strange.

It was extremely easy once I got into Frankfurt to find the rail office and sort out my travel pass and find the platform for my train to Hanover. Not only did it show up on time, but it left on time too! Amazing! Apart from the smelly man who sat next to me, it was quite a pleasant couple of hours. I then swapped trains to Berlin and my old friend Ingrid managed to find me once I arrived. I should note that my mobile has decided that it doesn't like Germany, so her finding me wasn't as easy as it should have been!

So it's cold and rainy and depressing, but that's ok...for tonight. Tomorrow I'll just have to deal with it and get out there and experience Berlin. And all I have to remember to get back to Ingy's place is to turn right at the sex shop...brilliant!

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