Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adventure in Air Travel part 93

I spent a lot of time on planes and in airports in the last 48 hours. Most of it was very boring. Particularly the 7 hours in Bangkok airport where there is absolutely no padded seating (though an hour foot and back massage was a great time killer!).

Anyway, I was once again reminded of how small the world is. At Brisbane airport I had a (comfy) seat and noticed an older woman fussing around with her bag. So I squeezed over and invited her to sit down. We got to chatting, as you do - she asked where I was going and we got onto the fact that I'm an aid worker. Turns out she was off to Nepal with the Fred Hollows Foundation. I caught a glimpse of her boarding pass and saw her name. "Oh, are you related to such and such?" I asked, a woman with the same surname who works at FHF who I met many times at my old job who's a right laugh. "Yes, she's my sister." So then we had a nice time sharing stories about her sister.

I was very disappointed with Thai Airways on the 12 hour flight from Bangkok to Frankfurt...no personal entertainment system. And that was the flight I was determined not to sleep on to adjust my body clock! I managed to get through two and a half books, and make polite conversation to the two German lesbians I was seated next to. It must have been fate as I was wearing my newly dubbed "lesbian shoes"...it's a long story. But I'm not a lesbian....and in the words of Seinfeld, "not that there's anything wrong with that".

And speaking of zee Germans...I was really not impressed when they took the jar of crunchy peanut butter out of my carry on (of course, I'm only travelling with carry on!) and told me it was a liquid. It's not a liquid!! Australian security didn't mind. The Thais, who are very strict on liquids, didn't mind. Why did zee Germans have to take the peanut butter that I'd purchased for my friend?? I just had to clarify that I'd bought it for someone else and that I don't normally travel with a jar of peanut butter...because that would be weird...

Right, it's very apparent that I'm rambling, obviously the jet lag is taking hold...

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