Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tale Teller

As I go through more and more of my old stuff, I unearth more and more gems. And today, I'm passing on one of these treats to you. When I was 7 and a half, I entered my story "The two knights and the magic potion" into the Albert Shire (now the Gold Coast city) Library's "Tale Teller's Tournament". Unbelievably, I was robbed of first place by 6 year old Jessica Rosewell, who's story "Gumnut the koala" was deemed better. It wasn't a better story, it only had 49 words (yes, I just counted them!) - I guess she was just a bit cuter than me, maybe she was missing her front teeth or something.

Anyway, I'm not here it is

"The Two Knights and the Magic Potion"

A long time ago the King of England sent for his knights Sir Lancelot and Sir Gwain to find a magic potion to make people kinder. And this is where the adventure starts.

The wind was howling, the clouds were grey, would they and their horses Flicka and Lightning be able to get there? It was a long way. Soon they came upon a great forest and were half way. Suddenly, a giant jumped out but Sir Lancelot killed it. "Thank you," said Sir Gwain. They kept on walking for three hours before they found a camp for the night. Very early in the morning they woke up and started riding and soon were out of the forest. But alas, just as they were out of the forest, there was quicksand and Sir Lancelot fell in with Lightning. The horse got out but with sadness Sir Lancelot had passed away!

So Sir Gwain kept riding. He passed a deep ravine, full of strange echoes. Soon he came to the top and there before his eyes was the ruined castle where the magic potion was. He ran as fast as he could. He came up to big iron doors, they were bolted but Sir Gwain swung his sword and ripped the lock. He entered the spooky splace and started walking north and came to a staircase and climbing very carefully, went up. He got to the top and started walking east and went into a door and there was the bottle containing the magic potion. He ran in and grabbed the bottle and ran outside and jumped on his horse and rode away.

Suddenly his enemies jumped out of a bush and took him hostage. Flicka ran away but still watched where the enemies were taking Sir Gwain. They tied him up with rope and went away. Soon Flicka came and chewed the rope and Sir Gwain was free. They caught up with the enemies, Sir Gwain grabbed the potion and rode away as fast as he could. He opened the bottle and it had two uses. It could make people who were dead come alive again, and make people kinder. Sir Gwain rode to the quicksand and poured some of the potion in and Sir Lancelot was brought back to life. He was so happy.

Sir Gwain let Sir Lancelot ride on Flicka because Lightning had run away. Very soon they came to the King's castle and entered. It was just on nightfall. They saw the King and gave him the magic potion. He unscrewed the lid and inside were instructions and ingredient. So the King of England made a lot more and the people of England were very kind.

The End.

Seven and a half years old people, and 450 words!! And I just have to clarify this - Mum just read through it herself and said, "and you did this all by yourself, with no help at all". That's bloody brilliant, even if I do say so myself!! My favourite part is when all Gwain has to say after being saved from a rabid giant is a very polite "thank you".

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