Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning?

Some bright spark (hint: it wasn't me) decided that a Sunday morning stroll down to the beach would be a good idea. I couldn't agree more, it did sound like a lovely way to start the morning. The 7:30am departure time wasn't such a fantastic idea though...

It was a nice (2.82km according to Google Earth) stroll down to the beach, where we happily sat sandwiched under a picnic shelter between a quiet druggie and two middle-aged, new-aged women (talking about some hippy crap). Some nice people have put up their photos in Google Earth which is good, because I didn't take my camera - Currumbin Alley is a nice spot.

Anyways, it was an easy 3.1km stroll home on the boardwalk through the mangroves, after spotting a dolphin lazily gliding very close to the shore in the estuary, and millions of tiny, colourful mud crabs in th mangroves. Definitely a good walk to keep fit (particularly if I include a job up the stairs to the viewing platform), but I think I might try late afternoon strolls rather than early mornings.

Oh yeah, pinch and punch...

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