Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trippin' down memory lane

I got a surprise call from the removalists this evening, letting me know that the boxes from Canberra will be arriving tomorrow...about 5 days earlier than expected. This spurred me into action - there were a few smaller boxes that had been sitting in a cupboard at home for a number of years, awaiting my sorting.

Wow. So many memories - many of them straight into the bin, but a lot of precious things that I'll keep forever. There were packets and packets of photos...a lot of them went in the bin too, but not after a lot of laughs. I was such a chubby chook in my early teens!!

There's still a lot of bits and pieces to go through tomorrow, with plenty of distractions (hello year 12 yearbook, and "Glamalot" script) to sidetrack me I'm sure.

As my old friend Chaz would sing in a very high pitched voice..." the corrrrrr-ners of my miiiiiiiiiiiind"

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