Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is how I bowl

My brother Greg has been a mad skateboarder for years, so much so that he broke his wrist (surprisingly for the first time) last year skating in Japan. When Greg asked me to film him skating, how could I refuse?

We headed over to the Elanora skate bowl early yesterday morning (to ensure no-one else would be there) and off we went. After a while, Greg told me that I should get into the bowl to get some different angles. Do you know, I've never actually been in a skate bowl before. One of the first things I'd noticed about this fancy schmancy new bowl, is that the only way in and out was over the side. So if you happen to fall and break your wrist, for example, the only way you're going to get out is by climbing back out, which I imagine would be quite difficult one-handed.

Anyhoo, it was a little bit scary actually getting into the bowl (it's quite high and steep) but once I was in, we managed to get some good movies. And some good mucking around shots too...

And I did manage to get out of the bowl on my first attempt...not nearly as scary as getting in! The bowl theme continued with a family excursion to the local ten pin bowling centre...after our fantastic scores on the Wii over Christmas, we thought it was time to try our skills on the real thing...

I don't care what anyone says, I love bowling shoes...

But not even the shoes could hide the dismal failure of our scoring...absolutely atrocious!! Yes, there were some strikes, but there were also way too many gutter balls, and Greg managed to win both games...the rest of us were quite embarrassed with ourselves!! But hey, it's about having fun, not winning...right?


  1. ...unless your name is Carly, in which case it is ALL about winning :)

  2. tehehe. I may get EXTREMELY competitive in just about any situation, but I do consider myself to be a gracious loser...on those very rare occassions that I actually lose!