Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jazzy goodness

I've made it to Canberra, a trip I've been excited about for a couple of weeks now. There are a couple of reasons for this excitement - catching up with friends I haven't seen in over a year, finally sorting out my life that's been in boxes for over a year, but perhaps, most excitingly, going to Jazzercise!! It's also been over a year since I last got to a Jazzercise class, and boy had I missed it.

For those who don't know (who must only be random people to have stumbled across this blog, because everyone who knows me would have heard about Jazzercise by now!), firstly, there is no 'jazz' involved. It's an exercise class, that involves half an hour of cardio fitness (it's kind of aerobics, kind of dance) and then half an hour of muscle toning and strength work. And I love it. I was training to become a Jazzercise instructor before I left for Bangladesh, but my career put an end to my instructor dreams. Anyway...

I was a bit worried about going to Jazzercise, as it's been so long since I've done any real exercise, but I guess all the walking I did throughout my trip paid off. I did pretty well...for those in know, that means I did high intensity, high impact for the whole class. Yea me. And more importantly, I found myself smiling throughout the whole class. It was good old fashioned fun. And wonderful to see Jo and Leah (the instructors) and a host of other familiar faces again.

Jo, having kept up to speed with my adventures in Bangladesh was quick to tell me about the availability of Movenpick ice-cream at the nearby shops, so my next stop was a tub of swiss chocolate make up for all those calories I'd just burnt off!!

What a fantastic day - free upgrade on the hire car, a lovely walk through the botanical gardens, jazzercise, pizza and beer, swiss chocolate...and "About a Boy" on tele...perfecto!!

Oh yeah, and Sam the cat hasn't run away in fear from me...amazing!!

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