Sunday, January 4, 2009

Groovy Grandma

We visited some old family friends today, who included 100 year old Grandma (she's not our Grandma, but we've never called her anything else). She's still pretty sprite, and took great pleasure in showing us all the cards, certificates and letters she received for her birthday in October. I have to say, while the Queen and the Governor-General had schmicko cards with lovely (photoshopped) photos, it was K-Rudd's letter that was most genuine.

She may be a little old lady, but she's still got a sense of humour. When Greg recounted how some Japanese kids call him Kaibutsu, which translates to 'monster of abnormal form', Grandma immediately grabbed him arm to demonstrate how much bigger he is.

I hope if I live to 100, I'm as cool as Grandma.

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