Saturday, January 31, 2009

A gloat, if I may

After posting a photo of my chubby 13 year old self, I feel like I must vindicate myself. Which I did yesterday when I went through my boxes of clothes.

I still fit into my graduation dress, bought when I was 15 years old (by then I'd lost a bit of that 13 year old puppy fat!)

I still fit into my 'Felicity Shagwell' costume, bought for my 20th birthday party. Yes, you're seeing it right, it is an all-in-one playsuit thingy made out of pleathery-vinyly goodness!

I still fit into this size 8 (that's a US 4 for any internationals among us) dress

And, perhaps most proudly, I still fit into these size 8 jeans, bought at the peak of my skinnyness as a 19 year old who moved away from home not really knowing how to cook, and survived on two minute noodles, pizza, and meals cooked by others who took pity on me!

Obviously, I'm not 15, 19, or 20 anymore and perhaps the clothes fit a little differently to the way they used to (some would argue better...most probably wouldn't...) but this is a proud moment. Geez...I really need to get out more...
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