Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winning friends and influencing people....or just having fun

I didn´t do much during the day yesterday - it was far too hot for that. Well, I did manage to finally finish reading ¨Middlesex¨ which was quite a read. Muy interesante. Anyways, as the afternoon rolled by a few of us headed down to the park, bought a soccer ball and had a bit of a kick around. This of course, was preceeded by some syncronised sliding...although I was the only one who managed to push off on ´go´ - the slides were tiny!!

A couple of hours flew past and as the mozzies started attacking we headed back to the hostel to make empañadas. Our teachers were two lovely Argentinians girls, who had already prepared the majority of the ingredients (the old line "and here´s one I prepared earlier" didn´t quite translate) so all we had to do was roll the dough into little balls, roll them flat, and then stuff and fold them into little pasties. The most fun I´ve had in a kitchen for a very long time!

In the end there were over 50 empañadas, so it was a good thing there were a few extra people sitting around the table to help us out. Our new Argentinian friends invited us to go dancing with them tonight, but I´d already booked a bus ticket out of didn´t take long to convince me to change it, as I´ve been waiting for an opportunity like this: to hang out with the locals and dance with gorgeous Argentinian men with rhythm! And as Judy, a lovely Dutch girl, is planning on heading to the same place, it will mean someone to travel with...though it´s only a 3 hour bus this time!

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