Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a circus!

It's been an absolutely crazy week since Christmas. Emma came up from Melbourne on Christmas night and we had a ball for a few days. This included the whole family heading to Le Grande Cirque, which Greg's friend Devin was the producer of. Amazing Chinese acrobats...I've never seen such flexibility!! And there were picnics and walks around Burleigh Headland, and up to the Currumbin rockpools, and a bit of shopping here and there, and pedicures...too much fun!!!

The past few days have been spent in Briz Vegas, hanging out with Julz, Vardy and Adam (i.e. the Stinky Rat brigade), and generally just enjoying this unemployment business!!

I can't believe that it's the end of the year already. And what a year it's been. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left Bangladesh, but it was only just over three months ago. I've been to 14 countries this year, I'd say that's a bit of an achievement. All I can hope for is that 2009 brings just as much fun, excitement and challenges as 2008 has.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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