Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tinea free!

A big group of us headed for a public pool this afternoon, to get some respite from the heat. What a process! First we had to go into an office to announce our names and pay our ten pesos. We were then greeted by the sight of the pool, full of kids, and surrounded by a whole lot of concrete.

The next step was a quick visit to the doctor. Yep. In a little room, the girls filed in first, presented our toes and fingers for examination, our armpits, (we assumed for any sort of obvious fungus) and then our hair for lice. And paid another two pesos for the privilege. The doctor didn´t seem to mind Chris´s gigantic scabby knee or John´s peeling shoulders. Then we had to present our reciept to the lifeguard and shower before we could actually get in the damn pool!!

But much fun ensued, and it was a very enjoyable way to while away the hours. Tonight, an asado (traditional BBQ...can´t get enough of that Argentinian beef!) and then dancing. But a nap will be much needed after last night´s revelries and an early morning trip to the bus station to change my ticket.

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