Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something I´d not noticed

Some people may tell you that I´m not the most observant of people...they´re often right. But today I noticed something that has gone unnoticed for far too long...taps. You heard me, taps, faucets, things that allow water to flow...

Anyway, normally taps are coloured blue or red, or have a C or H on them. Well today, in my hostel in Salta, I noticed the taps had a F and a C, for frio and caliente, cold and hot respectively. This was a revelation for me. How odd that a foreign language speaking country would label their taps in their native language!

My taps in Bangers weren´t labelled T for thanda (cold) or G for ghorom (hot) - even they conformed to the standard blue and red colouring system. Now I couldn´t help but wonder, how many other countries have I been to that label their taps with different letters to what I´m used to??

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