Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No bailar for Carly

Unfortunately, after getting all dolled up and eating our amazing BBQ dinner at 11:15pm, the girls who´d promised to take us all out never showed up. Very disappointing. A big group of us headed for a nearby bar, and drank the local special of red wine mixed with coca cola...couldn´t really taste the coke. It wasn´t nearly as fun as dancing would have been, but we still managed to roll home around 4am.

Judy, my lovely new Dutch friend, and I jumped on our bus (half an hour late) and spent the 3 hours to Salta trying to sleep but not succeeding. The hostel here also has a pool, and that´s where we spent the remainder of the afternoon. It must have been around 8pm when we decided to head to the supermarket to cook something for dinner. Even though dinner is actually included in the hostel price, they weren´t serving until 10:30! It was the perfect time of day, still sunlight but a lovely cool breeze blowing through the town. We came to a lovely park where there were lots of people, balloons, and market stalls. Very pleasant to stroll through. By the time we finished enjoying ourselves and cooking and eating our yummy spinach pasta, we weren´t that far ahead of the others eating dinner!

Today, we walked further into the city centre, and were amazed and somewhat bemused at the pale blue and pale pink churches we saw. Beautiful, but a bit kitchsy as well. We stopped in the main square for a coffee (my first real cortado since I went to Spain - fantastico!) and on a whim decided we should go to Cafayate, thinking it would only be an hour by bus max. We headed to the bus station, only to discover that it was actually a 3 hour 45 minute trip, and since the bus didn´t leave till 1pm it just wasn´t going to be possible. So we headed to the cable car/gondola that goes up a ´mountain´and it was a lovely view of the big mountains bordering Salta city and the city itself, which is much widely spread than I had originally thought. It was also lovely and cool and shady up there, the perfect place to take some rest for a while.

We´ve booked tickets to Humauaca tomorrow morning at 7am...it´s going to be tough to get up (considering the bottle of wine that we´ve got cooling in the fridge) but hopefully we´ll see some more interesting natural sights there - getting a bit over cities and towns. And condors - must see condors!!

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