Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lunching in Lima

Yesterday, after Sally and I had left the catacombs, we found a lovely little piazza with cafes, picked a spot in the sun (well, in the shade for me) and sat back enjoying a frozen orange juice while watching the world pass us by. It was another crazy cab ride back to our hostel, where we then headed for a 20 minute walk down to the ocean.

There's a fantastic mall called Larcomar which is built into the cliffs above the ocean, and again, we found a great place to eat with a fantastic view out to sea. Very pleasant indeed.

This morning, after a very successful (and cheap) shopping trip in Topitop (2 bikinis for the price of 1!) we walked down to Punto Azul, a very very popular restaurant with the locals, to try ceviche - the national dish of Peru. I knew it was fish, but that was all. For some reason, I thought there might be rice involved...I was wrong, oh so wrong. I ordered the 'mixto' and out came a large plate stacked with basically raw fish, squid, prawns and octupus, all covered in a really tangy orange sauce. The cooked sweet potato on the side mellowed out the tang, and it was really tasty...I just wasn't too keen on eating almost whole baby octopie!

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