Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The joys of travel part 2

They say that bad things come in threes: first it was the stolen money, then I stepped in gum (granted, not much of a doozy) and then the kicker...

Cecila, one of the Danish girls I've run into in various places on my travels in Argentina and Bolivia had mentioned to me yesterday morning that there were roadblocks in place between Uyuni and La Paz, due to big protests. Surely they wouldn't carry on through the night though, we both agreed.

Ha! We got to our bus company just before 8pm to be told that the roadblocks were still in place, and that the bus wouldn't be going to La Paz. We could be dropped in either Ororo (or something like that), which was 3 hours from La Paz, or another place that was 11 hours away. We obviously chose Ororo. After receiving a very small refund, we got on what was the worst bus ride in living history. The roads, for six hours, were all dirt and extremely bumpy and noisy. I was trying to play solitaire on my ipod and the screen kept changing perspectives, as if I was turning the whole thing 180 degrees.

Poor Yenni had been sick during the day, and the bus ride did her no favours, so when we finally made it to Ororo at 2:15am, her and Cecila made the decision to stay the night there. Luckily, there were a few Bolivians on the bus who offered to organise a mini bus for the rest of us, to take us to La Paz. For 30 bolivianas ($7.50) we made the three hour trip, thankfully on tarred roads the whole way.

The Loki hostel is absolutely awesome, I've only left once today as I've been trying and trying to change my ticket to fly to Lima instead of back to Buenos Aires, a massive saving in price and time. But so far, no luck. I'm waiting for another hour to go back to the LAN office to get them to do what the travel agent here couldn't...hopefully it works out!!

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