Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Long term readers may remember a post on my old blog about my friend Aara leaving Bangladesh, and the contributions she´d made to my own (and many others´) personal entertainment over the course of a year. One of these was what we thought was her coining of the term ´gut rot.´Alas, I have just found evidence that suggests Aara wasn´t the first to come up with this very useful phrase.

Sometimes, among the six or seven tangos he sang a night, one or two would come up that the oldest of his listeners could identify, though not without effort, like ¨Mucked up with Yeast¨or ¨I got Gut Rot from your Manger¨. That´s from page 31 of ¨The Tango Singer¨by Tomas Eloy Martinez. Now even if that is a completely made up song title (it´s a fiction novel), the book was published in 2004, putting it a good 3 years ahead of Aara at least.

But how awesome a title is that: I got Gut Rot from your Manger...

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