Monday, December 1, 2008

Imaginary texts to Emma

On the usually six hour bus trip from Chittagong to Dhaka, I would send Emma many a text message about my fellow passengers, or the movie playing, or just general boredom killing text messages. As my phone isn't working in South America, I couldn't actually send Em any texts on my 18 hour bus ride, but if I could've they would've gone something like this:

18:00 - oooh, v. nice bus, big seats. Michael Hutchense gyrating on tele...better than 'wrong number'

18:08 - dude behind me is singing along 2 old school live Madonna clip - sounds like fat soprano choking out an alto part

21:30 - just got shoved awake 4 dinner. On a tray and everything! V. yellow mash potato...not bad.

22:06 - who lets Adam Sandler make movies anymore? Zohan is ZO bad

00:00 - time 2 test out reclining seat...nice...

02:43 - stupid baby crying, who brings babies on 18 hour busses?

09:12 - waiting 4 bus dude 2 give me breakfast. Everyone else has theirs, why not me?

11:30 - made it! And half an hour early as well. Most awesome bus ever, felt more like a plane!

12:01 - hostel is heaven - resort-esque pool, lots of couches, pool bar, 2 for 1 capirihinas, cute boys...miss you!!

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