Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Humahuaca ooga chucka

Judy and I left Salta early this morning, expecting to reach Humahuaca around 10:30. We had the best seats in the bus, right at the front up the top with a stunning view. Now, of course, not the best seat in the bus in an accident, but let's not think about that!

The scenery was stunning. It transformed from lush and green, to suddenly spartan with giant cacti spotted all over the mountains, like an army at the ready. And then there were the mountains themselves. Many many years ago the area was flooded with water, which changed the colour of the rock to red. As the water receeded and then stagnated, different shades of reds and oranges were left behind. Really incredible stuff.

The town of Humahuaca (hoo-ma-wah-ka) is very small, and not a lot going on. Our first impression wasn't pleasant as it was muy dificil to get a cab. People kept jumping in front of us and cabs just drove straight past. We thought they mustn't like gringos that much. But the people at the hostel are lovely, even though we could barely understand each other.

We went for a stroll about town, posing with some cacti (HUGE! And these things only grow 2cm a year, so they're probably older than the incas!)

It didn't take much for Judy to convince me to come with her to Bolivia for a few days, to explore the salt plains there. So we head up to the border first thing in the morning, then a couple of hours on to Tupiza, which we've heard is a really nice area. Can't wait!

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