Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wow. I was impressed by Machu Picchu, but the Igauzu Falls just (literally) blew that out of the water. Incredible. I went on my little adventure with two lovely Canadian sisters, and we started our day in a big open top jeep, with a cruise down to the river, not spotting any wildlife whatsoever, but enjoying the beautiful forrest.

It was then into a big speedboat down the river for a few minutes before our first waterfall sighting...it was pretty piddly. But then, my goodnes, they just exploded out of nowhere. And our kind, caring boat pilot, (after providing us with a waterproof bag for our things) took us underneath the falls for a proper soaking. It was exhilirating, even if we couldn´t see a thing.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the various boardwalks and islands admiring the views from different angles. There were too many falls to count, and stretching as far as the eye could see...well, at least to Brazil!

We stopped for our packed lunch outside a little kiosk, and got really excited when we spotted a Coatis. Now for all those playing at home, a Coatis is very similar to the critter I saw in Peru. Oh, it´s so cute, we thought. Until about four of them started circling our table, and we had to pick our feet up to avoid any contact. And then, one cheeky bugger jumped up on the table, grabbed the half roll I hadn´t eaten and made off with it! Little bastard.

Anyway, we continued on till we reached the ¨devil´s throat¨fall...inconceivable! It was so huge, and loud and played havoc with my eyes...I can´t imagine how much water flows over that thing every minute. Particularly when the water that feeds it looks so calm. How much electricity could be provided by it...30 points to whoever finds out.

Only a little bit sunburnt but still in marvel of the day, I´m awaiting a traditional Argentinian BBQ for dinner...mmmmm, meat....

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