Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where every night is New Year's Eve

I had an awesome night last night. The build up was long, with the first beer cracked around 5pm, and the evening stretched out at the hostel with an epic game of "Lord of the Rings RISK"...very different to normal Risk, which is what I blame my second last finish on!!

Around 11ish a group of nine of us headed into Bourbon Street - a very different place in the evening as opposed to the day! It was crazy - neon everywhere, people packing the streets, and music of all genres pumping from different bars. One of the best things about New Orleans is that you can drink in the street, and carry your drinks from one place to the next (for the most part). So the street has just as much of a party atmosphere as inside any bar. I managed to catch some beads, thrown from a balcony - can't come to New Orleans and not leave with some beads!!

Our first stop, after picking up a huge Margarita in what looked like an extra large take-away coffee cup, was the Funky Pirate to see Big Al Carson - the man is huge!! We got there just in time for his last set of the evening, and while he's a big man, he can sure sing high! The Danish guys I was with had seen him the night before, and he'd played a bit of trumpet, but for the last set, obviously he was too tired to do that. We downed some test tube shots and moved on to the next bar, which I can't remember the name of, but was the originator of the infamous New Orleans "Hurricane" cocktail. By this stage, I'd had quite enough to drink, so didn't sample the house special, but there are still two more nights for that!!

Got home around 3ish, and was woken early by the poor girls who I'd been out with who had to pack and catch and early flight. Today, I'm off to the New Orleans alternative book fair, with a friend of my brother's. It's the start of the Fringe Festival today, so there should be some interesting things going on...

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