Monday, November 24, 2008


Can people please leave my spelling and punctuation alone!! I will defend my usually perfect grammar by reminding you that I have limited time to do these posts, on computers where the keyboards are all wonky, so youse (go on Steve, you know I'm right on that one!) can all put up with it!! Otherwise I might withhold my post on Machu Picchu...


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  2. hehe, poor poor Carly - I forgot she's just a young thing and maybe I should cut her some slack :)

    But if you mispersonalise Dickens again missy... grrr!

    Anyway *youse*, there's a new stupid word admitted into the dictionary - meh!

    Sigh, whats the world coming to?

  3. Meh - don't misunderestimate the wonderousness of meh happen to be known for using it often!