Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Secret Katrina

Emma sent me a text with the suggestion for this post - the full title was actually "Pork s'wich & gut rot in New Orleans: Carly's Secret Katrina", which cracked me up and was too good not to use.

My afternoon was pretty awesome, barring the obvious. Greg's friend Michael's girlfriend Deanna, and her friend Kaylee picked me up and we headed to Frenchmen St, where the alternative book fair was taking place. I had thought it would be confined to one venue, but it was actually spread out in a few different bars, with lots of stalls set up. There were people selling comics and graphic novels, interesting homemade postcards, and even a stall where people could adopt shelter pit bulls. There were two extremely cute little pups, that didn't look like pit bulls, and were perhaps the best part of the day.

The street atmosphere was a lot of fun, lots of musicians and groups playing an eclectic mix of instruments, from a wonderful soprano sax (notoriously difficult to keep in tune) player, to a guy playing a saw like a cello, and a group of people who looked straight out of a Dicken's novel with accordions.

We wandered around for quite a while, and were joined by Michael, who was taking a break from recording an album with a band he's in. We decided to get some lunch at "13", an obviously popular spot, and I chose the pulled pork po-boy (that's a type of roll like a baguette but not as crunchy). It was absolutely delicious. And then, a disaster akin to Katrina struck...gut rot!! Six whole weeks, my stomach had almost forgotten the scourge of gut rot, only to fall victim once again.

The afternoon wound up soon after, with a quick stop in at Kaylee's house to drop her off. I love the different architectural styles in New Orleans, with the predominantly French and Spanish influences. Her place was 'shotgun' style - narrow, but very long. And if you were to open the back door and the front door, you could shoot a shotgun straight through. That, combined with the high ceilings, ensured a good airflow during summer before air conditioning was invented.

It was a somewhat a shame that it was me who got to meet Michael and go to the book fair, as it was something that Greg would have really enjoyed. And apologies Greggles, I've got no room in my bag left, so couldn't buy you anything!


  1. friends don't let friends misuse apostrophes: it's "dickens", not "dicken's" (in this context).

  2. My bad. I didn't think it looked right but really couldn't be bothered thinking about it for longer than half a second. It's important that you did though... ;-)

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time barring the gutrot. I can forgive you for not getting me a book but I can never forgive your atrocious treatment of that poor, innocent apostrophe.