Thursday, November 6, 2008

An historic night

I was glad when I went up to my room yesterday to find Alex, a nice Brit, who was getting ready to go and meet her friends at a bar to watch the election. She didn't have to work hard to convince me, so we set off, thinking the bar was a bit of a hike from our place. Of course, when we got to Pennsylvania Ave, between 3rd and 4th like we'd been told by her friends, there was nothing there. Turns out Pennsylvania continues past Capitol Hill and the numbers start over. It was a good hour we walked for, but that got us up and awake and ready for fun.

And it was a lot of fun! Everytime a state was called for Obama (by my dear friend Anderson on CNN) the crowd absolutely errupted. And errupted in boos for McCain, but there weren't too many wins on his end.

The moment the Californian electoral college votes were added to Obama's total and he was declared President-elect, the place exploded. I've never witnessed anything like it. I saw a huge black man break down into sobs. Amazing stuff. We hung around for the speeches and then headed out to find a cab. We started walking, figuring one would have to show up eventually, and not concerned about anything else as there were so many people out on the streets. Cars were honking their horns, people were screaming, blowing went on for hours!

I was really glad that I'd unknowingly ended up booking my time in D.C. for election night...

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