Friday, November 14, 2008

Her life, in a nutshell

This trip is absolutely crazy, I can't believe how quickly the time is going. I'm currently in transit at Dallas airport, and have about 20 minutes until boarding, so I'll do my best to encapsulate New York in that time. I have to get my camera out of my bag to look back and remember what we actually did and saw, because we sure crammed a lot in!! I think a list will be easiest:

Day 1 (with Katie)

- Breakfast at "Balthazar"
- The Metropolitan Museum of Art (incredible!)
- Strolling through Central Park (very beautiful in Autumn!)
- Jazz set and martinis at "Next Door" bar

Day 2

- Walked across Brooklyn Bridge
- Cupcakes from Magnolia bakery
- Wandering around Greenwich village, Chinatown - much shopping
- Improv comedy at the "Upright Citizen's Brigade"

Day 3

- The bull statue
- More shopping
- Heaps of stuff I can't remember
- Waiting in line for Phantom tickets

Day 4

- A visit to the American Girl store (it's a scary scary place)
- Veteran's Day parade on 5th Ave
- Tiffany's to see the Tiffany diamond
- Lots of window shopping on 5th Ave
- Mucking around in FAO Shwartz (there were too many kids playing on the giant floor piano - from "Big" - so I couldn't have a go)
- Apple concept store
- More fun and games in Central Park
- Drinks at Buddha Bar in the meatpacking district

Day 5

- Shopping at Forever 21
- A visit to the Flat Iron
- Backroom bag buying in Chinatown
- Saying goodbye to Katie
- Lunch with my friend Julian, who's doing some interesting work with the UNFPA
- Looking in the atrium lobby of the Ford Foundation
- A quick glimpse of the UN buildings, unfortunately closed to the public due to Bushy and other world leaders being in town.
- Wandering around The Strand bookstore - 18 miles of books!

I know I've forgotten a lot, and haven't described how all those different things made me feel, but it was an absolutely fantastic week. I was so glad Katie was able to come over and share it with me (and also for her amazing sense of direction!), it's definitely an awesome place.

10 points for the band responsible for the song title...

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  1. You did "the bar next door" too?? I did this my first night in NYC & died. Seriously, this little spot is my FAVOURITE place on Earth!