Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day trippin´

I can´t remember if I´ve used that subject line already on this blog, or the old one. Anyway, after a wasted day yesterday (I was out till 5am drinking rum with an Aussie rum conniseur - or that´s what he told me) lying in bed wishing to die, I woke afresh this morning excited by my day trip...


Yep, caught a nice speedy boat over there, meeting two American girls from my hostel and started off with a bit of a walking tour around Colonia, the oldest town in Uruguay. Very pretty with both Spanish and Portugese influences (you can tell a Spanish street from a Portugese by the drainage systems - the Portugese declined the streets on an angle towards the centre, while the Spanish put their drains on either side of the street like we do now.).

We then decided to hire a golf cart to drive around the area - it has a stretch of beach 5km long. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad, and when it was my turn to drive back, I got absolutely drenched. Not to worry, a few stops in at the 5 museums around the main square (some taking as little as 2 minutes to walk through, great for people with short attention spans like me!) and a bit of Christmas present shopping and we were all dried out.

It was a fabulous day trip, and yet another stamp in the passport! I love it when immigration people flick through the pages trying to find a blank spot, and keep flipping, and keep flipping...not too much longer till it´s all filled up!

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