Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cleetus was more fun

Unfortunately, the Halloween party at the hostel last night was a bit of a fizzer. I still had a great time hanging out with my crazy friends, enjoying the free beer and flowing conversation, but the turnout was pretty crap. My cute little bumblebee went down a treat amongst the skanky nun (Alicia, one of the staff who is heavily tattooed, included red barbed wire eyebrows and dark lines trailing from underneath her lips to her chest...), the numerous cross dressing men, the hobo, the pirates, the Britney Spears schoolgirls, and most pathetically, the green ghost from Ghostbusters - the dude had been creative enough to drape a green sheet over himself...

However, knowing that I had to be up ridiculously early to put a few more items in my bag, check out, walk the 5 blocks to catch the shuttle and get to the airport, I didn't go overboard. And I really hate it whenever I have to set my alarm for some ungodly hour, that I really don't sleep well because I always think it's just about to get up. So even after going to bed at 11:30pm, I swear I got perhaps an hour of sleep. 4:20am of course, came around, and off I went.

From Seattle, I flew to Dallas Fort Worth, happily noting that Qantas hasn't caught up with the fact that my gold frequent flyer status expired yesterday. Of course, my boarding pass had the dreaded SSSS code on the bottom, meaning I'd been selected for extra security testing. I'm going to have to have a word to them to find out why my name keeps coming up if it happens again! I didn't have all that long to kill in Dallas, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the airline lounge, but then jumped on another plane. To Washington D.C. Just think of a map of the US for a second....yeah, it makes no sense that that route was my connection.

Anyway, I'm here, I've got 4 days and a lot to do! Museums, monuments, and the zoo (all free - thanks American tax payers) But what I'm most excited about is seeing the election results announced in real time on Tuesday night...awesome. OBAMARAMA!!

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  1. You be careful there, in DC, Carly! Not the safest city in the world...

    Enjoy the Smithsonian!