Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alpacary goodness

I'm staying in a lovely hostel in Cusco, Peru, based around an open courtyard which walks out onto a nice big square. I had a wander around town this afternoon, and it's a gorgeous city - cobblestoned streets, plenty of lovable strays roaming the street, and a tiny tiny woman leading an alpaca around.

I tried not to think about this when I went out with two Canadian guys for dinner tonight, and we all ordered the alpaca tenderloins. So delicious! Like a cross between pork and steak. Nom nom nom.

In other exciting news, I've finally been able to upload some photos to my site - these are just a mere fraction of the photos I've taken (1116 and counting). I'm up to New York, so there are still a few more to come. There are plenty of tourist shots, plenty of me (thought you'd appreciate that Mum!) and some of the more artistic ones I've tried to take. You be the judge!

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  1. At the expense of sounding like a whinging pom, I can sympathize with your frustration with American Airline, don't get your dad started !!!! he is even less forgiving of all things american. Enjoyed your pics, and the that the Alpaca was not dry as you thought.