Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Mona was smirking about

I feel bad about this blog. I haven't been able to give the time and dedication that I want to. Which means I've glossed over a lot of the incredible experiences we've had so far. Florence truly was a beautiful city, and the city loved Vardy. Well, the men loved Vardy, one in particular called Giuseppe - a waiter at La Grotto di Leo, a fantastic cafe we found where the wine was cheaper than coffee (that's my kind of country!!) Oh, he was so taken by her, it was hilarious...considering he was an overweight middle-aged man! Gold.

You may have noticed my use of the word "was" in the above paragraph. That's because we're no longer in Florence. We're in Paris. Yep, SLB surprised Vardy with another stop on her adventure...this one I pretended to know nothing about. We arrived yesterday afternoon and headed out for a stroll. We ended up at the Notre Dame cathedral, and what with it being a Sunday, there was a mass on inside. The atmosphere was really astounding; the organ, the singing. It was beautiful. For dinner, we found an incredible creperie and I swear I ate the most amazing chocolate cake ever created.

A side note: I don't always choose the chocolate. After eating dessert in a restaurant in Noosa once, where I ordered the chocolate and my companion ordered the panna cotta, only to be stuck down with a severe case of food envy, I've learnt to try different things. (Meanwhile, had fantastic panna cotta in Florence!) But I went for the chocolate last night, and it was the most moist, decadent end to complement the buckwheat crepe with chicken and tomato. Oh!! Exciting news, I've been eating tomato...just in small doses, but not only NOT throwing up, but quite enjoying it.

Ok, back to Paris. We caught the metro this morning to the Clignancourt Markets, which were supposed to be the largest flea market in Europe, but were actually pretty crap. From there we walked all the way down through Pigalle (where we didn't even think to look for the Moulin Rouge - will remedy that tomorrow) down to the Louvre. Yes, the secret of Mona Lisa's smile is that she knew where to get good shoes that wouldn't cause major blisters and back pain. She, and the Venus de Milo were pretty bloody cool to see.

From the Louvre, we walked up the Champs Elysees, stopping along the way to enjoy a marvellous piece of raspberry tart and a capuccino (which, disgustingly cost 7 euros!) to finally reach the Arc de Triumph in no triumphant state. We got the metro home, too buggered to go to the Eiffel Tower...got to save something for tomorrow...

Oh, and while the men in Florence loved Vardy, the men in Paris love me...and I love them too! Though the men in the richer parts of town are definitely cuter. Perhaps it's my new beret...

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