Friday, October 31, 2008

Venturing out

I wandered down to Pier 52 this morning, to catch a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. I didn't know much about Bainbridge Island, it was recommended in a guide book Canadian Colleen had lent me last night (after the lobotomy conversation). I decided a ferry ride and some fresh air was just the thing for me.

Well, if it was the quaintest little town I ever did see! There was a nice little main street, with lovely orange trees lining either side, and nice little stores (cute but pricey) and cafes everywhere. They had a knitting shop, where a group of ladies sat around having a stitch and bitch. I wish I'd had some needles of my own to join in.

After walking both sides of main street, I wandered back to the nice bakery I'd found and settled in with my book, and the biggest piece of apple pie known to man. I really felt I got my money's worth with that one! At the next table were a group of ladies planning some kind of charity event, and there was one younger woman who was obviously new to the group. She kept making suggestions that were immediately shot down, "Oh no, Sarah Jane, it hasn't happened like that in the past, I hardly think that's necessary" and so on. Poor Sarah Jane, I felt sorry for her. The rest of the bakery was filled with yummy mummies and their precociously adorable children. And a very cute barista that made that second cappuccino all the more enjoyable ;-)

I could see the weather was starting to set in (I knew it couldn't go five days without raining in Seattle) and decided to get the next ferry back. It started raining on the walk back, but nothing catastrophic, it just made the walk more atmospheric. I finished my book on the way back, and spotted a sea lion (or was it a seal?) wish a fish in its mouth, frolicking near the shoreline.

Time to find a new book (I'm reading far too quickly - I only started the last book this morning!) and settle in for the afternoon.

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