Thursday, October 23, 2008

Strollin' in San Fran

I made my way up to one of the other HI hostels at Fisherman's Wharf this morning to join a walking tour. After my individual efforts yesterday, I figured going around with a guide would be a nice way to see the sights. And there were so many! We walked for about 4 hours, up and down numerous hills, and walked down Lombard Street - the curvy one that you always see photos of. Yes, I've got photos, and no, I still haven't been able to upload any of them yet. It's going to be a marathon effort when I finally get to a computer where I can access the USB port!

We walked up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower, and then down again - I honestly don't know how people move into these houses, you can't access them by road, only stairs. I wouldn't want to be a piano player here.

I can't describe all the places we went, because there were so many, but they did include walking past the first club to ever have a topless AND bottomless stripper, a fortune cookie factory, an alley in Chinatown where they used to auction off young girls for prostitution or slavery (legally), the church which Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio took their wedding photos in front of (they weren't allowed to get married there because they'd both been divorced) and the cable car museum which Dad would enjoy. I'm saving the cable car ride for when I have to go back uphill to Fisherman's Wharf to get to Alcatraz.

But now, it's time to take rest!

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