Thursday, October 30, 2008

Showering is awesome

I was having a chat today with Andre, a lovely gay man who came on the 'dead guy' tour, as he was cleaning the bathrooms in lieu of paying for a bed. He first made mention of how cute I looked today, very Banana Republic and how totally opposite Sophie (my dreadlocked friend) and I are and how it's strange that we get along so well. He then said that it was his simple aim to shower and brush his teeth everyday. To this, I said that I can't function in the morning without a shower to wake me up. He said that I was his inspiration to do the same.

My horoscope in "The Stranger" (the free rag in Seattle) had said the other day, that just like my fellow Leo, Obama, I have a power to influence others (though apparently, Obama has the power to give angels orgasms with a single word). And here it is, proof that horoscopes are undeniably, incontrovertibly true...I am an inspiration!!

And so, in celebration of this, I present to you Chicago's "You're the Inspiration", as performed by my dream man, Ed Stevens.

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