Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rockin Rollin Dead Guys

Yesterday I jumped in a van with a strange collection of folks for the 'dead guy' tour, operated by one of the heavily tattooed hostel staff. Our first stop was a really pretty graveyard, home for a little longer of Bruce and Brandon Lee, kung fu masters. I didn't realise that they'd both died so young. But they had a lovely plot overlooking Lake Michigan surrounded by beautiful orange trees. They'll soon be moved to a new home in a kung fu museum.

After stopping on the shores of the Lake to take in a nice view of Mt Rainier (and a very hazy view of Bill Gate's land - definitely couldn't see a house) we walked up hill into a very posh neighbourhood to the house where Kurt Cobain killed himself. There was a park bench in a space next to the house where people leave their messages. Whoever owns the house tore down the garage where it happened because people kept breaking in.

It was then a rather long drive to Renton, where Jimi Hendrix is laid to rest...just next to an asian cemetery. He had a nice little gazebo thingy, with some of his song lyrics inscribed into the marble. We watched the sun go down and headed for home.

This morning I headed with my rasta friend Sophie (who's been living in Byron Bay) to the Experience Music Project - an interactive music museum, where they had a huge section dedicated to Hendrix, with his guitars, notebooks and costumes. There was also the history of the guitar which was interesting to see the changes over the past 80 years or so. Then there was the fun stuff - a place where you could play the drums, guitar, keyboard or rock out some vocals. My sexy husky voice, a result of this damn cold I've picked up, took quite nicely to "Smell Like Teen Spirit" - you can't be a music museum in Seattle and karaoke to Nirvana!

There was also a Sci-Fi museum attached, which had some cool stuff, like the T-800 endoskeleton from Terminator 2, and the only 3D model of the Death Star. But there wasn't anything interactive and with my short attention span, I got sick of it pretty quickly.

Tonight, free dinner!

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