Thursday, October 16, 2008

Road Trippin

I don't remember exactly what time we set out on our road trip, it wasn't unreasonably early, but there was definitely a need for a large cup of coffee to wake up. Our first stop was just outside of El Paso, to walk right up to the fence at the Mexican border. We hung around for a few minutes, taking a few pics (but no good ones on my camera sorry) and expecting border patrol to hoon up any second. We did spot a car parked some distance away, but they let us do our thing and carry on.

And carry on we did, into New Mexico. After stopping in at the Visitor's Centre, and grabbing a map (we did have GPS) we spotted the town of Truth or Consequences - a town that my friend Julie had mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, the name of the town is Truth or Consequences. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a hole, but we did get a breakfast taco and kept on going.

It took us quite a while, on the I40 to realise that we were actually on Route 66!! We'd kept seeing exit signs saying "Historic Route 66", but after a few hundred miles, we figured out that the I40 and Route 66 were the same thing. I did a road trip on Route 66!!

We definitely got our kicks on Route 66!

The hours went on and on, and then, we did a left at Alburquerque! Just like Bugs Bunny always said he should have. And then more hours went on and on, in a straight line. The GPS would say, in 500km, turn left. Yep, it was pretty boring, and Adam did the whole drive by himself. The scenery was pretty spectacular throughout New Mexico, but once we got into Arizona, the moutain range disappeared and it was basically just desert. The sunset was pretty cool though.

On and on we drove, and were very excited when we came across the Hoover Dam - it was all lit up (construction going at after 9pm) and I wish we could've stopped, but we were so close to our final destination...

VEGAS BABY!!! The lights were incredible, but what was perhaps more incredible, was the look on Vardy's face when we pulled into The luxury. We were settling in, when Adam realised he'd left his credit card in the car, so off he went to find it. Eventually, there was a knock on the door, and as Vardy went to open it, there was a squeal...Julie was at the door. The final surprise (perhaps?) it was great to see her.

The view from the 26th floor is pretty spectacular, overlooking the fountain that has a show every 20 minutes or, for one night anyway!!

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  1. It was not me who sent you a blank SMS text but my good friend Fred, who also is useless with texting, but did manage to send one off later. Don't eat\drink too much
    Love Dad & Mum