Sunday, October 12, 2008

The reason behind this crazy trip

Below is the text of an email I received from Sneaky Little Bastard a couple of days ago, he's kindly allowed me to post it here. This is why the whole insane trip was organised in the first place...

The top of Rockefeller in NYC is REALLY high, & has these bigass glass panels all around the top on the observation deck. I’m not a fan of heights at the best of times, & when we got to the top, I was like 'Urrrgh!!!'. After about 10 mins, I managed to compose myself & started to become 'OK' with being close(ish) to the edge. Its dusk & the city lights are just starting to come on. I was standing on the southern corner facing Cherie with the Empire State, Time Square & the sunset directly behind me. I had the ring on my little finger in my pocket, & pulled my hand up to adjust my hat. The look on her face was priceless. Over the next 0.25 seconds, she leaped forward & jumped up on me before I even got to open my mouth. This pushed me back towards the edge, I automatically think I’m about to fall backwards off 69 stories, start to have a heart attack, & 'Bang' my back hard into the glass with Cherie launching into my chest!! Once I realise that I’m not actually dead, we both burst out laughing, I ask her to marry me, she starts to cry, & says "Yes".


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