Friday, October 24, 2008

If you're going, to San...Fran...Cisco

Just quickly, I had a super duper day today. Walked across the Golden Gate bridge and with my ipod blaring and the a nice breeze blowing me along I thought to myself, "Carly, you're pretty awesome. Look at you, strutting across the bridge, on holidays by yourself. No wonder you're such good company, you're awesome". Yeah, I had a bit of a self esteem epitome on the bridge. The emergency crisis counselling phones tell me that a some people have the opposite feeling...

I then headed down to Golden Gate park, which is nowhere near the bridge, and enjoyed strolling through the botanical gardens, playing with the squirrels (they were mighty friendly) and just relaxing. I walked then to Haigue Ashbury, the old beatnik district. It's still full of plenty of interesting characters and shops. I picked up an old book for $1 - Evelyn Waugh's "Black Mischief" - I figured I'd give him another go after thoroughly not enjoying "Brideshead Revisted" (though loved the BBC miniseries...)

Found a cool cafe, picked up a beer and sat for a while, watching the weirdos go past and loving the book. I came home to try to upload photos (with very limited success - check out my photo site) and was absolutely delighted when Sylvia picked up a dinner of beer and chips! Awesome.

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