Thursday, October 9, 2008

A few pics from Paris

I'm sitting in my friend Sarah's Parisian apartment...there was a bit of a mix up...after rushing around this morning, (feeling the after effects of a few too many glasses of sangria with Sarah last night) Vardy and I cabbed it out to the airport. I had been concerned about how I was going to lose her, so she wouldn't find out where I was actually heading to, but it turned out we were due to check in at different ends of the terminal. I got out of the car first, we said out goodbyes and in I went. I looked up at the departure board and didn't see my flight on there. I got out my itinerary and checked. Yep, Thursday 9 October. I was confused. I was pretty sure it was only Wednesday but couldn't be sure (it is the sign of a good holiday when you forget what day it is!). I pulled out my great new ipod and checked the calendar on it. Whoops!! I was 26 hours early for my flight!!

I wandered on down to Vardy's terminal and we had a coffee and laughed over how stupid I was. Thank goodness I'd caught up with Sarah and knew I could stay at her house tonight, otherwise I would've been out on the streets!! So, I dragged myself back into town on the train, and sat in a cafe for a couple of hours reading, which is something I'd wanted to do. And now, I'm sitting in Sarah's fantastic apartment, with light streaming through the windows, enjoying fast, untimed, uninterrupted internet. So here are a few photos for you to enjoy - I've uploaded more to my photo site.

From Paris (Oct 2008)

There's something special about bright blue doors. Perhaps it was the movie "Notting Hill" that inspired my love affair, and this one was a fantastic specimen!

From Paris (Oct 2008)

We've seen more than a few beggars on the streets so far, and in Florence we saw a guy sitting on the footpath, with a massive dog in his lap. But I didn't stop to give him any money. This man in Paris however, had the cutest little puppy. I couldn't really understand why he had bought himself another mouth to feed, but I suppose it was to get suckers like me to give more money. He was a sweet old man though, he let me play with the pup for quite a while. We later passed another man who had two cocker spaniels, one which was very young. Both dogs were extremely affectionate, and it broke my heart a little to think of them having to sleep out in the cold.

From Paris (Oct 2008)

I was watching a travel show on tele recently, which followed a young Parisian woman about for a day. She chose to get around Paris on the bikes provided by the French Government to encourage people to use them instead of cars. I'd been really wanting to give them a go, but Vardy and I couldn't seem to figure it out, and weren't really keen on riding around in the crazy French traffic. But last night with Sarah (perhaps the Sangria triggered the part of my brain that figures out how to put money into a machine), we gave it a go. She'd never tried it, even after living here for a few months. While she was nervous and wobbly, I loved the feel of the wind against my face at 1am. We only rode a short distance, which was good, as (a) I didn't like not wearing a helmet and (b) I didn't wake up saddle sore!!

From Paris (Oct 2008)

I saw the reflection of an old building in a swanky new glass one as we came out of the metro stop near the Eiffel Tower, and thought it made an interesting picture.

From Paris (Oct 2008)

And speaking of Le Eiffel Tour, here's one of Vards and I looking very cute in our berets!

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  1. Thurs morn. I have a cold, the honey has let me down!So it cheers me up no end to see the update. Wish we were there. New pink paisley wrap ? Very oh la la!!Your time over sight would have added to the authenticity. Love Mum xxxx